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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chad? Vader...

Star Wars fans you will love this. Click on Vader to check out Lord Vader in his new element.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm Ghetto

I'm so Ghetto I had to look up how to spell Ghetto on google just to put out this post.

I'm so Ghetto I STILL wear Adidas (And to this day when I put them on I often rap "My Adidas")

I'm so Ghetto I had to look on the back of my shoes just then to spell Adidas.

I'm so Ghetto I just looked again at the back of my shoe because I was sure I remembered it being spelled Addidas.

I'm so Ghetto I think 22's make a Mercury Sabell look good.

I'm so Ghetto I won't even look up how to spell Sabell even though this spelling dosn't look right to me.

I'm so Ghetto I was in one of our students pool the other night and told Jon Hicks I wish I had a pool that led into my living room like on Cribs.

I'm so Ghetto I would get a Hummer if I could and still live in my same house that cost me several thousand dollars less than than the Hummer.

I'm so Ghetto I think any thing with hot sauce on it taste about 10 times better. (Just had to ask my wife how to spell sauce)

I'm so Ghetto I just spent 10 valuable minutes talking about how Ghetto I am.

I'm so Ghetto I think this is cool (Click Here)


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In Stores Now…

Check out my new Pop Lockin Instructional Video…

Popin & Lockin to the Hits Handed Down by the Man!

(How to dance to the drummer of the Southern Baptist Convention)

You will learn moves for hits like…

Lobotomy Dichotomy (How to think like the man)

Gangstas Paradise Remix (The Ronnie Floyd Version)

Hit me Disney One More Time (New free style dance for celebrations at Disney world since the powers that be lifted the ban on the House of Mouse)

Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof (Forget what God says we will tell you when its OK to drink)

Another Brick in the Wall (Interpretive dance about firing of all ministry personnel that are not Baptist enough)

Order now and you will also get…

This lovely mind control wall hanging. Simply stare at it and chant I will conform…

Order today and we will send you some knives that will cut cans in half…as long as they are not beer cans!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Half Baked (More than a stoner movie)

Do you have any projects that are half-baked, half-done, incomplete. Most of the time my projects are like the Death Star in Star Wars. They blow up in my face before I ever complete them. Right now my new floor at home is down but still needs trim. The inside of my house is as close to being remodeled as it will ever get, but the outside has hardly been touched. My car has softball equipment from last season still in the trunk that I will use again starting this week. My yard has been mowed but not trimmed. My mail box has two of the four numbers in our address, or maybe just one now, I’m not sure. My metal building has been up for over a year now but hasn’t been secured to the ground like I initially intended. I have more unfinished projects than a nerd has Lord of the Ring figurines.

I was reading in Nehemiah (my favorite book of the Bible) today. I noticed that after much conflict and hard work Israel had completed the wall around Jerusalem up to ½ its height. That was a huge accomplishment that took tons of people lots of hard work. They were at that place where you begin to see the end in sight. Yet, somehow it was at this point that they began to get discouraged. They started listening to their enemies threats, they began to be overwhelmed by the huge project. Nehemiah, prayed (something he does over and over in the book), organized the people into family groups, and armed them. Then stock piled weapons in a school bus and buried it. O.K. I made that last thing up, but the rest really happened. They got on with the work and saw God do amazing things.

My half-baked projects seem to spill over into my spiritual life sometimes. I get ½ way to where God wants me to be and I start to want to give up. For those of you with the same discouragement battles as me, I think we can learn a couple of things from Nehemiah. When the going gets tough, get an action plan. Don’t throw in the towel. Pray, ask God for help and guidance. Ban together with others in your family, both our earthly and spiritual family. Watch for God to act. Then, get back to work. I think that last thing is what I need to do right now.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Look out Poet of Wales'

I found this cool little internet trick over at Notes from the Trail. You can register for free, upload a picture of yourself, and computer recognition software will pick what celebrity you most closely resemble. This is not a joke, no monkey or goofy looking bucked tooth kid will show up when you upload a picture. Sadly my closest match was this guy, Wales' greatest poet, Dylan Thomas.

If I am truly this ugly please somebody have the mercy to tell me and get me off the streets. But thanks to cosmic equilibrium, (That means the Even Steven nature of the universe.) My second closest match was none other than young Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. George Cloony you might be Batman, but... "I'm Luke Skywalker."


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If that's a minivan...

For my friend Jeff Noble, I myself am a minivan protestor. But, if that is what they call a minivan sign me up. Jeff click here and think of the possiblities my friend. I think your ride is plenty cool.