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Monday, October 31, 2005

Coffee with Jesus

We had a great time of worship at Xperience this Saturday. Justin Wendell led worship again this week and as always led us into God's presence. If you haven't been to Xperience in a while you need to come and 'eXperience' worship with the band. Justin is one of those rare people you talk to and have moments where you think I bet this is what it would be like to have talked to Jesus. Not that he is that holy or wears a robe or anything. He'd crawl up in his guitar and die if he even knew I was saying something like this about him. But, he has one of those open hearts. You know the kind of person that you can look into their eyes and see clear down to their soul. He's just real transparent and genuine. Like he really enjoys spending time with you, whoever you are. That is the image I have in my head of what Jesus must be like. I have a hard time picturing the real Jesus in my head. People I meet that display attributes of Jesus help me to do that. I was wondering this morning as I had my coffee in hand and stepped out in the crisp morning air what it would have been like to have coffee with Jesus. I don't even know if they had coffee back then, but I'm sure they had something they drank early in the mornings and with friends and was a drink more about emotion than taste. You coffee people know what I’m talking about. I was thinking about what it would have been like to walk out of Simon Peter's cousin's friend's house on a cold Jerusalem morning. To have spent the night with Peter, his wife, James and John and of course Jesus at a total strangers home. Can you imagine walking out of the tiny sandstone house, with sleep in your eyes, and sitting down in front of the burning embers left over from last night's fire? You look through the faint rising smoke and there's Jesus. He's sitting there on the cold ground in front of the fire, legs crossed, with a clay cup of coffee or what ever they drank in the mornings back then. He looks over at you with that rugged olive skin and disheveled hair, and that familiar smile you've seen a thousand times breaks the line between His mustache and beard. That smile that is the clear image you have of Him in your head when some one says His name and He is not around. He smiles THAT smile, lifts his cup and says, "Good morning....sleepy head." Then you spend the next thirty minutes or so talking about the weather, last night’s miracle and how long it will take to walk to the next town. Or, how funny John's younger brother can be when there's a crowd around. You know regular stuff. That is the Jesus I long to know. Man, I' m so glad to have people in my life that remind me of how I can know Jesus like that…real, full of love, genuine. I hope someone will see a little of that Jesus in me this week that I saw Him in Justin Saturday. I hope someone will see a little of that Jesus in you this week too. See you guys next Saturday. I’ll see You over morning coffee Jesus. Have a great week guys.


  • my bad...i commented the rong one.. i think...lol
    well u can read the other one..itz on the new like jazz one!

    By Anonymous Bentley, at 12:19 PM  

  • wow. thats so cool.

    thanks for the encouragement tonight, you're awesome.

    i loved how we prayed in groups tonight. the prescence of God was really there and he showed me a lot of things. especially that people look up to me and that there are other girls struggling with the same things as i am. i totally wasnt expecting that. but it made me feel better. i loved it.

    see you sunday!

    love in his grip,

    By Anonymous sarah ann, at 8:47 PM  

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