Xperience X-Zone

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm on a roll

Sunday morning the kids and I were in our normal mad dash to make Sunday School on time mode. We are a two car family on Sunday mornings, arriving at church like marathon runners, in hurried and exhausted increments. As I was loading the kids in my car I happened to notice the trees in my front yard, which I never notice. "Ehhhehhhh....we've been rolled." Our students here at F.B.C. frequent us with soaping our yard, C.S.I.ing my car in plastic wrap, and now rolling our trees. I pulled much of the T.P. down before this picture was taken. However, a couple of days after this happened our neighbor and I were out talking in the street and he made a deeply profound comment. I mean it was one of those Splinter, from the Teenage Mutant Ninjah Turtles, observations. He said "ethier someone really hates you, or someone really likes you." The reality hit me the next day that what my neighbor said captures so well what we have as people in a church family. We have people who like us well enough to come out at 2:00 AM and roll our trees with toilet paper. There are lots of people all around you that have no one to "roll their yard." Wouldn't it be great if this week we all found a way to roll someone who no one else would roll. Hey kids, play nice. I'm not advocating rolling yards here. I'm talking about showing practical expressions of love to people God puts in our path everyday, people that maybe no one else will give the time of day. Figure out a way to roll someone wiht love this week. It will be well worth your time and effort.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"New" Like Jazz

Isn't it crazy how new stuff feels so fresh. This is my first time out of the gate with a Blog. It is so exciting, posting my stuff for the world to see. Well, for two or three people to see, but just knowing there is the potential for the world to log on and read about my tiny corner of the cosmos. I just finished Donald Miller's book "Blue Like Jazz". It is fresh, new in my spirit, like the first breezes of winter blowing through our open window on a cold night. Every book I read is the best book I've ever read. That's just how I'm wired I guess. But this one really had some concepts, some life altering truths that stuck with me. God has really got my attention lately about the need to truly love like Jesus loves. To meet people where they are and for who they are. Sometimes I find myself shelling out the good news about Jesus like a crack dealer pushing his product. "Hey, kid...want something that will rock your world? Change your whole perspective? Try this." Donald Miller's book helped me pin down some thoughts that have scattered like mice in mind everytime I would try and chase them down. I'm not selling a product called Jesus that will change your life if you just call the number and get your name on the list. Jesus is a man. He and I have a realationship. My purpose in life is to cultivate that relationship and talk to others about how Jesus wants a realationship with them as well. Wheeewww... does that take some pressure off. I hope to pour a little of that love around in your life with this blog, wherever you are on your own spiritual journey. It felt so good to wake up this morning to a cold breeze blowing through my window. Fall is finaly here, something fresh, something new. What's better is there is a new breeze blowing deep in my soul. I feel God doing new things. That's cool to me.