Xperience X-Zone

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ink Spots and Naked Chicks Named Betty

A girl in our home group named Paula told us the most amazing story last night. A while back she had warned her 4 year old, Brooke, not to wear her new outfit to play in. Like most little girls Brooke opted to pass on that piece of advice. She began playing with a permanent marker in her brand new favorite outfit. I don’t have to tell you the rest of this story. She only got one tiny spot on her shirt but needless to say it wouldn’t come out. Paula told us how her 4 year old cried and cried over her new outfit. She apologized to her parents and then to God for this tragic mistake. She asked God and her parents over and over “What was I thinking?”

I’ve know guys who had tattoos of naked chicks on their arm with an inscription below that reads Betty, or Janet, or Olivia Forever. After a life changing experience or even after a spouse changing experience they regret what they have done. Some get bikinis put over their naked chicks or a green block put over their names. But, for the most part they have a life long reminder of mistakes made.

We all have ink stained shirts or tattoos of a naked chicks named Betty in our lives. Mistakes made that can’t be undone. However, we talked last night in home group about how God can make you as if you never sinned. In fact He says “No matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow.” (Isaiah 1:18) Are you crying out in your soul “What was I thinking?” God didn’t sacrifice His only Son Jesus to beat you up; He sacrificed Him to lift you up. If your past in pelting you this week confess your mistakes, your sins, to God, fall back and flap your arms and legs in the freshly fallen snow of forgiveness. God loves you and wants to get you past your past.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

I’ve been thinking about Gilligan’s Island this week. It all started the other night when my wife Danell and I were watching Lost. For some reason I flashed back to this episode of Gilligan’s Island where Mr. Howell had a golf course constructed on the island. The course came complete with a bamboo golf cart and Gilligan himself serving as Mr. Howell’s personal caddy. I was talking to some our Xperience regulars on the way home from the Jeremy Camp concert about all of this. We got into this huge discussion about how the Professor could make golf carts and coconut battery packs to power the castaway’s radio but never could seem to patch that tiny hole in the boat that rested longingly on the beach of Gilligan’s Isle.

It got me thinking. The castaway’s were so much like us. They were able to function as if they were in a normal modern society. They had clothes to wear (except for Mary Ann) her’s were kind of sparse. They had social events, visits from famous celebrities, multiple chances to get off the Island, which Gilligan always managed to derail. But, they never were able to fix their main problem, the one that doomed them to the Island. They never were able to patch that hole in the Minnow.

We are surrounded by people every day that carry on life as if nothing were wrong. They go to work, they have families, they live and love and laugh just like the rest of us. But all the time they are stranded on an island from which they can’t seem to escape. An Island that places them in the company of other castaways but far from their purpose for existence, far from their Creator. What keeps them there? A gaping hole in their boat. A hole you would think they would see. A hole they can surely understand is simply repaired. Why don’t they. Because we, the viewing public, rather sit on our couches and wonder why they don’t fix the boat rather than take them the “Tar and Pitch” they need for the repairs. When’s the last time you talked to some one about the hole in their boat? This would be a good week to search for opportunities to do so.