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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

I was thinking earlier today about the canopy of gray that moved in last night over our tiny corner of the planet. I love cloudy rainy days. Maybe that is why I despise The Carpenters so much. Not, when they come for weeks on end, but every now and then, they comfort me some how. It gives me this feeling I can’t explain. It’s like God reaches down from heaven with a huge fluffy gray flannel blanket, and wraps me in it like a new puppy.

Anyway, today I was thinking about all that and turned to look out my office window and let God wrap me in His blanket. I realized my blinds were shut. I never shut my blinds because I like to feel the wide open spaces peeking through my window at me. But, I shut them last week because the sun was washing out the image on my laptop. When I looked out today to breathe in some of God’s comfort it was like slamming into a wooden wall of mini-blinds. Suddenly the thought hit me that this is the way we often are in the church. We get so focused on what is taking place within the walls of our own cathedral that we somehow shut off the outside world. The sad thing is we are often like I’ve been this week. We get so focused on what we are doing inside that we no longer even SEE what is going on outside.

I’m having a hard time putting this all into thoughts that clearly communicate what I felt today. However, I hope I will leave my blinds open and not get oblivious to those outside my window. In fact I hope those I see passing by will cause me to get up and go outside to where they are. Are you blinds open or closed today. Look outside.


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